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Birth control pills

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Did you know there are MANY options of different birth control pills available? There are different doses and different types of progestins, which allows us to “custom fit” a pill for each person! It’s pretty great to have options like this! Of course, it is a trial and error process to a point. We can get a good idea of what pill may work well for you by talking to you about your PMS symptoms and bleeding pattern. From there, you start a pill and keep good notes on symptoms and bleeding that occurs, documenting the days that they occur in relation to the pill pack. Bring that information in after a 3 month trial and we can further pinpoint a better option if you are not doing well on the first one! Pretty cool, huh? Most women have no idea that there are so many options, and a lot of providers don’t understand how to use the options to fit YOU. Well, Ashley and Donna sure do. We have training specifically in this, so don’t give up hope, or completely write off the pill idea quite yet! Let us help you! Schedule an appointment today!

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