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Irregular periods

Sometimes periods are irregular, and for someone who normally can predict the day it comes, this can be very alarming! For others they never know when to expect a period. So...what is safe and what is cause for alarm?

There are many things that can affect periods. Stress being a huge one! other things that commonly affect periods are changes in eating, blood sugar issues, birth control changes, and many more!

If you are normally regular, one irregular period is not cause for concern. If they continue to be irregular, then you should schedule an appointment.

If you are someone who is always irregular, and you typically only have 1 period every 3 months (or less often) you need to be evaluated.

Irregular periods could be simply related to changes in your life, but it could be related to a much deeper cause which can have consequences. In extreme cases it can even lead to uterine cancer.

It is always better to be safe and get checked out, than to wait. Call to schedule your appointment with a specialist who can help you make sense out of it!


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