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Preventative Care

Are you up to date with your care?

Don’t put off your preventative checks! Call now to schedule with either of our nurse practitioners, Ashley Warner and Donna Niemela. Haven’t had you annual GYN exam in over a year?? Don’t put off you preventative care, schedule now! It’s easier to have these routinely and prevent conditions from occurring than trying to treat a condition after it develops! Are you over age 65 and been told you don’t need GYN exams anymore? Or had a hysterectomy and told you don’t need these exams?

You still do! You likely don’t need Pap smear screening anymore, but the exams continue! The exams are so important in detecting problems early on, and preventing them! Do you know an exam is the only screening method for ovarian cancer? Vaginal cancer and vulvar cancer can also occur, and who is checking that if you aren’t having exams anymore? Schedule now!

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