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What is happening? Why won’t it go away? Why does it keep coming back?

Some women suffer from recurrent issues with vaginal irritation, discharge, and pain, and these are the questions they ask daily!

Vaginitis occurs when there is upset in the very delicate ecosystem of the vagina. The flora and pH can be alter easily, and sometimes we cause it with the things we do to try to avoid it! Vulvovaginal care is so important to understand, and so often women have had no education on how to care for this area of the body! We can give you that education, just call to schedule!

Standard vaginitis treatments fail in so many ways. The testing often done is not adequate, and the treatments don’t completely clear out the organism causing the distribution! We have training in recurrent and chronic vaginitis and we can help get this issue cleared up for good! Give us a call today! 541-690-1215!

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