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Breast Health

Are you doing self breast exams? These are important to do, every once in awhile, so you know what your breasts feel like. Breast tend to be lumpy, and are more so at certain times in your menstrual cycle. You want to be familiar with your lumps and bumps. So just note any bumps you feel, and as long as they are soft and move around, just keep monitoring them for changes. If new ones pop up, if any are firm or don’t move, or if any make you concerned — call us for a breast exam. These are quick and can help reassure you, or if needed, get imaging ordered.

Catching these things early is very important to ensuring better outcomes and less treatment, should the lump be something concerning.

Breast exams can be difficult to perform since you don't always understand what you are feeling. We are here to teach you how to do an exam! Call 541-690-1215

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